We are going on vacation soon, so why do I feel a slight sorrow when I think of it? I know why. It’s because there are families out there who, instead of preparing to go somewhere fun, are starving, searching for food, hoping for money, wondering why this had to happen to them.  While a problem for us is not being able to find a battery charger for our camera, and problem for them is not having food to eat. While an issue for us is having a flat tire on our car, an issue for them is having no shelter from the scorching heat, no water. While me and my siblings bicker over the TV remote, or who gets to ride the little wooden go cart down the dirt pile first, someone almost always says, “Unfair.” This word must often echo in the mind of those watching others eat while they starve.  While they watch others gulp down water and splash it on their necks while they would give money for a sip.

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