Inner Beauty Part 2: Judging ourselves

1 Samuel 16:7

Another problem with us (humans) and beauty: we pay way too much attention to our personal outer beauty.  How much time do you spend in the mirror everyday? How many times have you worried about the way you looked? God doesn’t really care about weather or not our mascara is running, He doesn’t care if our hair is messed up, He doesn’t care what brand of clothes we are wearing.  What He does care about is where our hearts are set, what kind of attitude we are having,  and how we’re planning  to spend our day.  Try this: Write         1 Samuel 16:7  on a note-card, and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Whenever you have spent a long time messing with yourself or admiring yourself in the mirror, stop, read the verse, think about it, and walk away asking God to help you be less concerned with what is visible, and more concerned about your heart.

The thing is, is God knows what’s in our heart, He knows when we are really sorry, so false apologies won’t do any good. Try really hard NOT to falsely anything to God. ‘Cause He knows weather you mean it or not.


Dear LORD,

Please help me to focus on what is really important. Please help us to clean up our hearts, not our face, or our hair, or whatever else.


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