Tangles and Knots

Exodus 15: 26 says that God will heal us. “But I am not sick,” you might be thinking. Well, nobody is perfect (except Jesus) , and whatever issues or bad habits you may have are things that keep us from getting closer to God. Saying “Oh that’s just a bad habit,” Is basically excepting whatever issue you’re addressing as natural, saying that it’s a problem but your not going to work on it. Worse is when people say “Oh, that’s a bad habit, I need to work on it.” yes, you do need to work on it, and if you say that you need to then actually make steps towards untangling that knot. You must understand that, although you will never be perfect, God is there to help you break those bad habits, and you will always have habits to break. Always.

About two months ago I had gotten really bad about complaining, about everything. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until one day my best friend Hannah pointed it out to me. I felt so bad, nobody enjoys being around somebody who complains non-stop. When I got home that day I took it up with God. I asked Him to please help me realize all the good things in my life, and to help me focus and point out those things. I went through my Bible, looking up verse after verse that addressed the issue of being ungrateful. After all, by complaining I was ignoring all the things I had been blessed with and it was becoming a knot between me and God. Now, almost two months later, I don’t complain half as much as I did before. I am still working on it, but the knot has become a whole lot closer to being undone.

In the same way you can ask God to help you untangle those knots, those bad habits in your life. And instead of being offended when a friend points out your flaws, embrace it. How would I have known that I have had a major issue if somebody had not pointed it out to me? It’s like going to the doctor, they tell you what’s wrong so that you can treat it, make it better. When somebody tells you about a problem you have you have to learn to treat it.  If your doctor told you you had cancer would you just go on with your life and let the problem get worse and worse? No! You would treat it, try to make it go away. In the same way when a friend tells you that you have a problem don’t ignore them, or be mad. Treat the Problem.  After all you don’t get mad at the doctor he tells you you are sick. I sometimes ask people what my issues are, so that I can fix them, we should try to fix as many of our issues as we can, so that we can become better people. I have a lot of issues that need to be fixed, but it’s never to much for our Heavenly Father.

Dear LORD,
I have problems. I am not perfect. I am not always the person you want me to be. Please help me to fix my issues. Please help me to not ignore my issues, so that I may become more like your Son, who died for me. Please help me eyes find the right verses in the Bible to help whatever issue I may have. Help me to be grateful for what You gave me. Thank you for all the innumerable blessings you have bestowed upon me.

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  1. Wow! I am going to tell everyone I know about this amazing website! This post in particular made me examine myself and think about what I can do to fix the “knots” I have. It’s true that often we don’ examine ourselves enough, and we need friends to do it for us. And, like you two months ago, I complain way to much. I need to realize my blessings, and focus on those rather than the things I don’t have, or the bad things that have or could happen. May I please ask what verses you read when you had that problem? I just wanted to say that for a girl your age you have a lot of wisdom that I, a women in her early thirties, don’t have. It is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it! I hope your blog gets lot’s of people on it!

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