God at Work

Please look up 1 John 4:16.

God loves us so, so much, and He does lot’s of things for us that sometimes we don’t even realize. He doesn’t have to appear in all of His glory for me to know for certain that He is real, that He is actively doing things for us here on earth.  It’s in the little things, the tiniest of things, or things that could be a coincidence but would have about an 0.001% chance of happening. Like, for example, for a while I was studying the book of James, which is all about doing things for God and doing things for your faith, and then I went to Church and the sermon series was all about James! It was amazing, and I just know that it was God at work. I was contacted by somebody who read this, and she said that she had been working on judging, and learning about it in Sunday School, and then she read this about it, and she just knew that it was God at work. He is so amazing, how many other “gods” can assure people of their existence through these little things?

He is at work in the world, right now, just as He always has been. You know He’s not leaving it to us alone to bring people to Christ, though it is our job, He sure helps out a lot. Seriously. He provides opportunities, He gives us courage, and if we ask I’m sure that He’d be willing to put the right words in our mouths when we talk about our faith.  Sometimes He makes little, very unlikely but not impossible things happen so that we are reminded that He is real, He is there, and that we DO have a purpose in our lives.

He is amazing.

He is good.

He is all powerful, and He knows how to use His power in the right ways, at the right times, to do the right things, so that we may better fulfill our mission to bring the world to Jesus.

Thank You for all the little things You do, that help us in such a big way. Help us to recognize those things, help us to truly realize how much you do for us. Thank You for letting us live in a country where we are free to exercise our faith. I love You.

In Jesus’ name,

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