God is amazing!

Praise Him always! Not just for waht He has done in your life, but for who He is! King of Kings! Lord of Lords! Praise Jesus, the one and only Savior! Sing to Him! He doesn’t care if you can’t hit the right notes, just sing a song to the King today! God is so good! He is so amazing and He is so totally and completely worthy of you praise! Isn’t He though? Just for being the loving wonderful and magnificent God that He is, isn’t He worthy of our praise? He is SO GOOD, all of the time! Good doesn’t even cover it because that word is overused, He’s fantastic, wonderful, amazing and so loving, faithful and kind! He loves us all no matter what we have done or where we have been in our pasts, as long as we turn to Him and call Him LORD and Savior we are saved! That’s so awesome! He is so good! Have a smile on your face today because this God Almighty so Holy and Righteous loves you to the ends of the earth with a crazy, relentless amazing love!! Rejoice guys! God is good!

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