Life Update!

Hi guys,

Guess what?

I got locked out of my own website again for like 2 years. So let’s update/start over, sound good?

Here goes nothing. I am Aubrey Batten (formerly Aubrey Carr). I am currently 19 years old and am living with my amazing husband Jaxon. We both attend the same private Christian university. I am a sophomore, majoring in both English and Writing and Psychology with a concentration in counseling. I run cross country and am up before 5 am the majority of school days.

I have had this website since I was about 13 years old, and while I first used it to share and promote my early writing, which consisted of poems and short stories I eventually transitioned it to articles focused on scripture and Christianity. Currently, I am interested in slowly mixing in some articles on general philosophy, psychology, and politics with the best that I am capable of giving a Christian understanding.

I am a passionate person, and I habit of letting that spill over into my writing. Depending on the reader this may be seen as a negative or positive trait! So while I sort of dive into this new realm of topics I ask that you, the reader, have grace and patience. Never hesitate to call me out in the comments because I love broadening my perspective and welcoming civil debate and discourse.

Regarding the consistency of my writing, as a full-time wife, student and athlete you might suspect my consistency in something like this to be pretty much out the window. In this case, you would be correct. While I would love to say that I will be posting weekly or something along those lines, there is no telling where life will take me, or how much I will procrastinate on my homework. So all of that to say, who knows! I will try to be consistent in posting on my social media platforms when I post a new article on here, however. So there is that.

One thing that I think enables me to write the way that I do is that God has created me with a quite childlike spirit. Now we can talk all about the ups and downs of that some other time, but one thing that comes with this is a persistent curiosity about the world around me, how it works, and why people do the things that they do. So when I become interested in something dive all in, wanting to see and understand every aspect of that thing or issue. This applies to Christianity, this applies to politics, psychology, history, and more. There’s more depth and information to everything than I could ever possess. This absolutely fascinates me. I feel like people who lose both hope and interest in the subjects mentioned above forget or fail to ask questions like “why?” they fail to keep digging when they don’t find anything they like on the surface, and so they give up and miss out on the treasure underneath. So, in writing what I do, I hope to provide resources and perspectives on topics that enable and encourage people to keep digging, keep being passionate and keep being curious.

Anywho, enough about me, I hope that you are having a beautiful day, and I hope that in the midst of the current chaos of this world that you still live a life of passion and joy.

Have a great day, and never forget to be curious.


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