Life is an adventure.

Life is an adventure.

Life is meant, by God to be abundant.

People are the greatest treasure

God is writing a beautiful story in your life, and the most exciting thing we can ever do is learn to embrace it.

I close my eyes and let my mind drift back to a beautiful day in the Colorado mountains in June. My shoulders ached with the weight of the pack. Four more days of food, clothes, water, and my sleeping bag gave me an additional forty pounds to haul up the mountain. I didn’t care, I had never felt more alive.

On my right tiny, crisscrossing streams of water etched their way down the bare rockface. On my left, clung a small collection of scraggly trees, the last few on the tree line, as the elevation of the mountain grew ever higher. Looking forward I faced what seemed to be a wall of mud and rocks, slick from the spattering of rain that threatened our small group’s assent. I glanced at my hands; dirt had collected under my fingernails, as I had clawed my way up the deceptively steep trail. I winced slightly as I leaned too far one way and the weight of my pack pulled me into a thorn bush. My foot slipped slightly, sending pebbles sliding. My eyes followed the loose pieces of rock, and I was both regretting having looked down, and reveling at the wonderous height to which we had climbed. Admiring with unconcealed awe and wonder at the absolute, unmatched beauty of the Colorado Mountains, I glanced down at the valley where we had begun that morning, attempting to catch a glimpse of the river in which the island where we made camp lay. A cool breeze brought my attention back to the climb, and I hurried to catch up with the others.

Here I paused in my daydreaming, remembering that I had later learned that us five adventurous beginners had climbed over 5 miles straight up that day, crossing numerous counter lines, and taking one of the most difficult trails in the area. Goodness, the view had been worth it though! A beautiful valley, and mountain after mountain as far as the eye good see lay in front of us like something from a calendar page. A blue, still, and almost crystal lake also sat at the top, surrounded by loose boulders covered in moss. Occasional drifts of snow lay in the corners, untouched. It was breathtaking, and it was hard to believe, I remember, that it was real. It seemed as if I had stepped into an adventure movie, and this was the scene that the producers had bought the super fancy camera for. A camera could in no way capture how beautiful this was. I remember wondering how anyone could look at this and believe it was all chance.

We made it to the top around four in the afternoon and were sitting and catching our breath. It was here where my then-boyfriend had asked me to take a picture, and I had indignantly protested, gesturing to the mud on my pants, the frizz in my hair, and the absolutely mismatched attire I had dawned in order to stay warm. I could feel a blush creeping up my neck as he insisted. I finally took the hand he offered and stood beside him for a picture. My heart and mind raced as the camera held in place and he got down on one knee. My hand was so cold and swollen that the ring didn’t fit. I barely managed to get out the word yes in my stunned state of surprise. There was laughter and tears and hugs all around. Though it was freezing it was the warmest moment of my whole life. Everything felt real. Surrounded by nature, and mountains so much bigger than myself. That was our mountain now, even though we might never see it again, our story is now etched into the little pile of rocks on that tiny slope of grass that overlooks the lake.  It’s beautiful really, no one but us knows about it, but it’s the start of an amazing story, the adventure of our lives together began there, and maybe our story is tiny. Maybe, in a hundred years no one will remember us, but our little stack of rocks will still be there, marking our place, our mountain from the countless others that surround it. I have never since seen as much beauty in nature since those five days in the mountains, but I’ve seen so much of the story that started there, and I’m excited to see what the rest of it brings.

See while I don’t know what our story holds, I know that the pen is in the hand of someone who loves me, someone who is rooting for me to win. I know that I have my happy ending in His kingdom, and I know that whatever happens between now and then is to better prepare me for that happy ending. I know that he put Jaxon in my life because we make a pretty awesome team, and can fight better together than alone for the Kingdom of God. I know that this life truly is an adventure, and I pray that every day God helps me to see past the mundane and have faith in the way He is writing our story.

There is absolute beauty in every day, in the little ways we know each other, in the trips that we take, in the nights we lay in each other’s arms, talking about what God’s doing in our lives. There is absolute beauty in walking with one another when we don’t understand His plan, or how what He is doing is for the best. We both grow and are given opportunities to be patient and build each other up in that growth. It’s most certainly not perfect, but nobody said something has to be perfect to be beautiful. The blessing is found in the messiness, in the imperfections of our life are the greatest opportunities for God’s light to shine through. I just want to learn to embrace it, the masterpiece in the mess, the wonder in the ordinary.

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