Bubble Gum* A story idea.

Chapter One<><><><><><><>

I hitch my backpack up on my shoulders looking in… what? Sheer terror?… at the school in front of me. It’s not like it was a haunted house or something. It was a plain, brown, one-story brick building. Yet I dread going inside. Part of the reason I dread going into the school is because it is Jr. High. I think everybody is nervous on the first day at Jr. High, it’s one giant step and it separates you from the “kiddo” group and puts you closer to the adult group.

The other part of the reason I do not want to go inside is because I have never been to a public school before. I’ve been homeschooling from kindergarten to sixth grade, and I would have continued, but my mom had just had a baby and decided that teaching a stubborn 7th grader and trying to take care of the baby was not a good idea.

So here I am.

Unlike what most people think, homeschooling does not make kids anti-social. Where did they even get that idea? I am probably the most friendly kid in my Sunday school, not to brag or anything.

And it’s not like I have anything against public-schoolers, I just… don’t want to go in there to spend eight hours being taught stuff I learned last year. At home I usually got all my school for the day done in less than an hour. So it seems rather pointless.

Plus, in there is probably a popular group who will point at me and say “There is that anti-social homeschooling girl. Look she is wearing a polo shirt to school! Eww! Does she have no sense of self dignity?” And at lunch they’ll probably go, “OMG! Girls! She is getting veggies for lunch! Like, willingly! Look she just asked for another spoonful of broccoli!” I like veggies, so what? They are good for you and fill you up and they taste good.

I walk self conscientiously up the steps to the double doors, tugging at the bottom of my red polo shirt and pushing my glasses up my nose. Nobody notices me or gives me a “Hello! Welcome to Clayfield Jr. High!” There were a few “ What in the world was she thinking, polo shirts are for losers and geeks.” And, “OMG those glasses! Why doesn’t she wear contacts?” But other than that I am completely unnoticed.

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