Sneak Peak: Warrior of the Forest


Adrienne.” The name was spoken with hatred, “She was the reason the fairies starved. For a whole winter we scavenged food in the forest like we were wild animals. I insist that she is not allowed back into the Fairy Realm.” One speaker said from the jury, sitting back down after his speech.

It was an accident, and anyway, that was twelve centuries ago. We did agreed that after she served her time as a human we would discuss letting her back in. What happened is over and done with, and though it was a harsh winter, we learned to find food for ourselves in the bleakest of colds, fend off predators, and avoid humans. I’d say that she’s earned her pardon twice over.” Countered a fair, middle aged fairy who was the positive in this debate, “Now now, Blackwing we all know that you suffered more than any of us that winter. But I do think it is over and done with. At the time Adrienne was a young, naive fairy and it wasn’t her fault the squirrel got into our winter supplies.”

She left the door open!” Blackwing protested.

Listeners!” Shouted the judge, “You have heard both the negative and positive sides of the case. You have ten minutes to chose who you vote for. Those of you who have decided are welcome to attempt in changing a fellow fairy’s view, but there will be no bribing, or blackmail. Do you understand?” A murmur of “Yes mam” and “Of course” issued from the twenty-one Listeners.

The ten minutes passed in quiet conversation among the Listeners. Most were positive, but the negative were quick and persuasive. The odds had about evened when the bell rang to signal that the ten minutes were over.

Now, Listeners, please step into the middle of the room.” The judge said. The command was carried out. “Those who are in favor in Adrienne coming back into the fairy realm go to the left side of the room, those in disregard of the idea, to the right.

There was much shuffling and shifting about in the center of the room, but soon a portion of the Listeners were on the left, and a portion on the right. Two counters were sent out into the groups, one would count the negative group, write down the number, and then count the positive group, the other would do the same. The numbers were compared, and the verdict was announced.

Thank you all for coming, the final verdict is……..”

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