I got up early enough to be outside to watch the sunrise this morning. It was amazing. I was overcome with a sense of joy and peace and I started singing, hymns, random songs I made up, pop songs that could be about God. I was just, amazed. We live out in the country, 11 miles away from the nearest town and far enough away from my nearest neighbor that I didn’t wake them up. It was so quiet, and we live beside a valley so the sound bounced and I have a decent voice so I just felt… Awesome. At peace. Safe.  My mind was cleared in a way it hasn’t been in weeks, and I spent 3 hours outside, as the world came alive, 3 hours singing, reading my Bible, and thinking. 3 hours with God. It was the best thing I have experienced in months. I pray with all my heart I can do it again tomorrow, and I pray that you can get up to see the sun rise at least once this week. I don’t mean glancing at it in the mirror on the way to work, I mean just go outside and sit for a few minutes to watch the sun rise. Thank God for another amazing day.

Dear LORD,

Thank you so much for today, thank you for these 24 hours that You have blessed me with.


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