Love is Patient

I have memorized 1 Corinthians 13, and it is an amazing chapter. I have three siblings and lately, ever I get frustrated (Hint: I do)  I think of verse 4, “Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy.” Basically, a guideline to loving your siblings when they frustrate you. Or people in general when they frustrate you. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, and when somebody asked, “who is my neighbor?” Jesus answered, everybody. Love everybody the way it describes in 1 Corinthians 13. Verses 1-3 basically say that you can do tons of good, biblical, amazing things for God, but if you do them without love, they mean nothing to God.

So don’t just treat them well because it’s the right thing to do, treat them well because:

  1. You love them.
  2. Because we are trying to be like Jesus, and Jesus loved everybody.
  3. Because you love God who told you to be nice to them.

I know somebody who is such a nice person to be around, but she is so, so hateful to people who have wronged her, and that’s just not right. Did Jesus love people and be nice to people only when those people loved Him? No! How many people have done so much to show that they hate even the Idea of Jesus, and yet Jesus still loved them? A LOT of people. Loving with patience that seems supernatural is a good way to show God’s love. One of my good friends does not have the patience that I have worked hard to get, when we are hanging out one of my siblings will start to pester us  and he wants to lot them out, or do something mean, but when I say “no”, and go and talk to my siblings about doing something else he just doesn’t understand how I could have that much patience with them. Then he is dumbfounded when my siblings come back and pester us again and I still don’t yell at them. Patience is not a natural thing, you have to be raised to be patient, for one thing, and another thing is you have to work on it, you have to pray about it, and pursue that virtue. The more you do that, the more patience you have!

Dear LORD,

Thank You so much for the patience you have given me already. Please help me to pursue it well, so that I can have as much patience as Jesus had with the Pharisees, and with people today. Please help me to try to be patient, because it does take effort on my part. I love You.


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