OK, today I am going to approach  a difficult subject, one that I have been meaning to write about for a while now:

Now please don’t judge me; I have never run a family, I don’t know how hard it is, but for even as the oldest of four children in my household I still do my best to make a difference. For those of you who are parents, I am not sure how much I can offer, but for those of you who are the young adults of the household, I have a few tips.

Families today, oh where do I start? The hatefulness? The lack of understanding? The lack of forgiveness? The addiction to electronics? These are problems I have in my family, mainly with my siblings. How about we start with hatefulness? I can be really hateful to my siblings, if I am in a bad mood, or if they make me mad I usually am. And they can be just as hateful in return. In my house, unfortunately, my siblings and I are all rivals against each other. Sometimes we form allegiances, sometimes we can get along, but I guarantee that at least once a day we get mad, and frustrated, saying and doing things solely to make the other person mad. We are all very fierce towards each other, always waiting for the someone to mess up, to do something wrong, like four countries, on the brink of war. Always.
I pray everyday that this will get better. That we can set our differences aside and love each other like God meant us to love each other as siblings, as family.  And, in the past month it has gotten slightly better.

Next, lack of understanding. Also mostly my siblings and I. After an argument, when trying to talk it out, I usually cannot really understand my sisters side. Mainly because i don’t try to, another thing I am working on.

This brings me to the lack of forgiveness, AKA, stubbornness. When arguing with my siblings it is really, really hard for me to just drop the subject. I tend to want to keep going until they admit I’m right. Why? Because I’m very, very stubborn. So, when they don’t do what I want and admit that they were wrong, I do nnnnnnoooooooooottttt want to forgive them. I have been working and praying particularly hard on this one. Because it is, very much, a problem! Yes it’s good to correct somebody if their wrong, so that they know what’s right, but I tend to go about it the wrong way, forcing people to admit they are wrong. And guess what? My siblings are as stubborn as I am, so this takes a whole lotta head-butting, resulting in hatefulness. Stubbornness is the #1 problem, mainly because it causes or triggers most of the other problems that my siblings and I have.

Last, but not least, is the addiction to electronics. Now my family in general, has not had much of a problem with this, yes we probably spend a little more time on the computer than we should, but it is not an addiction, we can survive without it. However, I was really spending way to much time on the computer solely to be on the computer back in October, this means that I spent more time with my laptop than I did with my family that month. It got really bad. I was missing out on the healthy family I was blessed with because I was plugged in to electronics all the time. Now I don’t have a cell phone, but I know that a lot of people have that problem with phones. They are on their phones all the time, and they miss out on what really matters.

Look at your family: Do you see any of these problems? Are you hateful to your family members? Do you treat them with love and respect like God wants you to? Are you trying to be understanding? Are you stubborn or unforgiving towards your family? Are you addicted to electronics?

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