The importance of Scripture.

Since I am on a roll in actually posting stuff today, please allow me to briefly touch a very important topic that I feel cannot be covered often enough, and that is the importance of Scripture. The importance of knowing God’s work, meaning also knowing His will, and truly knowing your Bible cover to cover. It is so hard getting into a good Bible reading habit, especially with your actual physical Bible and not just Youversion (but if you are just starting to try reading your Bible a lot, definitly look into that amazing app and starting some plans, that’s just the first step though!). It is just so important. Reading God’s Word not only helps you to know all of the wonderful things that God has done so that you can better praise Him, but it helps you to know more about Jesus, who we are trying to become more like. How do you become more like someone? You spend time with them. So spending time in the word of God is spending time with God and Jesus. The benifits of reading your Bible are just so amazing! I could truly go on and on about how valuable Scripture is!  If you have a hard time focusing while reading your Bible, try praying through them, especially the psalms. Paraphrase them so that they apply to you, because then, not only are you reading and learning Scripture, you’re praying too! God’s word is just so amazing and truly, truly a blessing. God, thank You for your word, because you are awesome. Love You LORD!

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