Fan or Follower?

There are many types of Christians, but these days it seems that there are two very prominent groups.

Fans and Followers.

Let me describe them and maybe you will see what I mean.

First lets talk about the fans. Those people who say yeah, I’m all for Jesus! We all need Jesus, we all need Christianity. They maybe even have a lot of knowledge about God and Christianity. They’ve read the whole bible, they can quote dozens of scriptures, they know all the words to the most popular Christians music. Nothings wrong with that. But then if we go in and look at their actual day to day lives, it doesn’t look that different than the rest of the world. They don’t live any differently than anyone else. They know all the rules. They have all of the information. But they aren’t living it. A pastor I listen to, Paul Daughtry, said something that’s really stuck with me.

Information is not substitute for relationship.

And that’s so true isn’t it! Sometimes we know all about a person, our favorite singer or actor or actress. We know what their birthday is, what they like and dislike, we read what they write and we soak it in. But if we actually met them in real life they would say that they never knew us. Yeah, we know everything about them, but without relationship that information never actually means anything. The same applies to our relationship with God. We actually have to put time into that relationship. We have to learn about Him, know all of those facts right? But we also have to Talk with Him. We have to LISTEN!

Then there are Followers.

Those people who are willing to follow God no matter where it takes them. Who are willing to follow the commands of His word even when it makes them unpopular. Who are marked not by perfection, but by grace. Who are marked by love. Who are marked by relationship. Marked by a hunger, a desperation for truth, for God. Truly we should hunger for more of God’s love and truth in our lives every single day.

So which are you? Really think about it.


More than anything else I desire to be a true follower. A person who is marked by you. Someone who doesn’t even have to use words to proclaim your truth and goodness. Let my life be marked by you. I love You so much. You are Good. Thank You for your word.



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