Luck, it is like a wind, drifting from one person to another. One day you may be as lucky as can be, and the next, as lucky as a slow duck in hunting season.

Or is there really such thing as luck? Does fate decide what days we’ll be “lucky”?

The good LORD decides weather we’re lucky or not, yes, we have the power to make our own decisions, but he can help us make the right ones.

That’s what I think.


Wind, it batters the house,

Wind, it scares more than a mouse,

Wind it blows hard all night long,

Wind, some people think it’s just wrong.

Wind, it blows seed of all kind,

Wind, no master will it mind.

Wind, not tame in any way,

Wind, I wonder if it’ll blow today?

Wind, without it there’d be no kite.

Wind, what is there to fight?


Why? Why do you torture me so?

Why? Why do you hate me so?

What? What have I done to you?

What? What, have I tortured you?

How? How could you deal out this pain?

Because I am Jesus, born to be slain. 

Swim: a poem




Swim, like a fish in the sea,

Swim, like a little fishy,

Swim, as if you were me,

For I am a fish in sea.

Yes I am a fish in the sea.


People are amazing,

People are fantastic,

Just look what we have done,

People are impossible,

According to science,

But yet here we are!


Michelangelo di Lodovici di Lionardo di Buonarroti Simoni was the greatest sculpture of his time, perhaps of all time. Though he preferred sculpting, Michelangelo was also an accomplished painter, he painted The Last Judgment, Leonardo Da Vinci, and so many others.

Ancient Times.

In Ancient Times the arts prospered, everyone in a nation followed the same laws, most people spoke the same language and architecture was built to a new height, then barbarians invaded and destroyed that lifestyle. After the Ancient Times fell, nobody lived anywhere where art was a big deal. Nobody lived where everyone spoke the same language. Very few really cared how a building looked; just how well it would hold off enemies. During Ancient Times one could travel all the way across Rome and not run into robbers, traders could carry their wares up and down Romes smooth roads and not have to look out for rocks; then that ended.

The time of the Renaissance, when arts prospered, everyone in a nation followed the same laws, most people spoke the same language, and architecture was built to a new height. Renaissance: “Rebirth”,, rebirth of smooth roads and great artist, rebirth of scientific studies and philosophers. Rebirth of the Roman ways.

The Black Death.

The time of the Black Death was a terrible time. The Black Death was a bubonic plague, spread rapidly by fleas on rats. People with the Black death had headache, fever, coughing, sneezing and lumps under their arms. Most people who got sick died with in three days, and one out of every three people would catch it. The people of the Middle Ages thought that the Black Death was the judgment of God. Villagers who lived near the Black sea blamed foreign merchants for bringing the illness. In the city of Caffa, dead bodies were thrown over the wall using catapults. The days of that terrible sickness brought hardships on all of Europe and Asia. So many died that when a preacher began a funeral session, many people would join in carrying their dead. The days of the Black Death were horribly sad.


A conquistador was a Spanish or Portuguese soldier. When Columbus discovered America, Spain and Portugal raced to claim land on this new continent. But when they arrived they found that this new land was already occupied- by Native Americans. So each nation sent over soldiers to drive out these natives. These Spanish and Portuguese soldiers were fierce, these soldiers were ruthless, these soldiers were Conquistadors

Cool, baby.

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