Um, not so cool, baby.

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Run: A poem

Run, run, till you can’t catch your breath,

Run, as if you don’t you’ll drop to your death,

Run, run, as if monsters chase you,

Run, or those monsters will eat you!

Run, run, like as if life on it depends,

Run, hurry! Before that life ends.

Run, run, for it will pass time,

Run, oh, do my words rhyme?

Run, run, for it is good for your health,

Run, and you’ll gain fitness-type wealth.

Run, run, till you can’t run no more,

After all, isn’t that what sidewalks are for?


Bounce: A poem

Bounce ball, high in the air,

Bounce ball, bounce to over there,

Bounce ball, bounce up to the sky,

Bounce ball, bounce way up high.

Bounce ball,  so I can catch you,

Bounce ball, wish I could fly too.





SmokyScene: A Drawing


An Idea.

You know, there are a lot of websites out there. Websites and blogs. All together there is probably as many as there are people. There is no reason why you should like this one better than any others, unless you are like me. After all, all the stories and drawings posted are by me, therefore I must have thought them good enough to post. So if you like them, and think they are good, then you must be like me. I hope you enjoy the goofy poems, the serious poems, the stories, and drawings on here. Thank you!



Sneak Peak: Sad Days Ahead


A Town, a club, a mystery; who knew that the latter could bring so much trouble. Who knew that the club of teenagers would get into something so involved with the fate of the world.

The writer paused and looked out the window of his RV to see the remains of the town where he had stopped.

What were buildings were now piles of rock, wood, and rubble. Bodies lay across the remains of what used to be a street. The few survivors were wandering around, lifting wood to salvage what could be used from the remains of their homes. Everywhere he looked there was destruction and sadness.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

He wrote.

Sneak Peak: My Question Marked Life


Has your life ever been full of question marks? Such as “What is my next meal going to be?” “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” “Where am I going to live?” or “Why is this happening to me?”?

Lillian Brown is a girl of only 12 years and has already asked herself these questions so many times. Her home was destroyed in a fire two months ago- The same fire that killed her family- and she has to go live in an orphanage. But, during the time of the Great Depression she knows that the orphanage can only feed a limited number of mouths. So, thinking that in leaving she would make things easier for the orphanage, she sets out with the orphanage’s camping tent, her blanket, and a small amount of food, to make her own way in the world.

This is her story.