Sneak Peak, Secrets of the Forber Forest


Chapter one

   As I, Hannah Lee, walk into my deserted home, I do not notice the absence of my working mother. I am way too excited. For months I had saved, and now I have it, the beautiful glass dragon. Now that it is finally mine, I have no idea what to do with it. I am not normally interested in dragons. This unique figurine has, for some unexplainable reason, caught my eye.

I run into my bedroom, wondering where to put this crystal-like figure. I look up and down my book filled shelves, hmm, not there. Then I see it, the perfect place: right there on my nightstand. I sit down on my bed and place the dragon into position. As I do so a ray of sunshine falls upon it and there is a dazzling light. Then all goes dark.

I wake to a bright sunlight, not white like our sun, but red… blood red. Even more astonishing are my surroundings. On one side a blue-violet ocean roars with waves, and, to my other side, are what seem to be endless trees. I stand, the softness of my bed instantly vanishing.

What should I do? What can I do? I am only twelve years old!

Then I hear a distant roar. Not hostile, but an inviting sort of roar. Surprised at myself for knowing the difference, I walk toward the sound. Curiosity overwhelming fear, I push my way through the trees noticing every sound I make as I go along. As I make my way to a clearing I see something that makes my heart skip a beat; in the clearing stands an enormous, ebony black dragon. Sitting beside it, biting into a plentiful pile of half eaten rabbit carcasses is a griffon.

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