Sneak Peak, Traitor in the snow, sequel to Secrets of the Forber Forest

I wake up before Hannah, the bright sunlight reflecting off the snow outside. I wonder if Hannah will mention last night? If she doesn’t then I won’t. I think to myself. To be honest I myself had not been able to sleep without Hannah laying under my wing. I had even tried the old method my parents had taught me when I was young: counting bones. Oh well, all had worked out in the end. Hannah stirs and sits up, we exchange the usual “good morning”, but there is something odd in the air. It could be the fact that yesterday we had defeated the greatest villain of all time, flown him over one hundred miles and put him in prison. Now that is just a guess but…..

Hannah once again asks me of thing unknown, I answer her as best I can. Then she asks to go check if Bookem is awake, apparently she is as hungry as me.

I go and walk up the long hallway, following the scent of last nights stew, and see that Bookem is awake. Awake and cooking. Funny that I did not smell it.

Oh, good morning Shadowfall.” Bookem said in his quiet feeble manner. “Why don’t you go wake up Hannah?”

Sure.” I mumble, yesterday I had really very rude to the old elf and I hope to somehow make up for it. I pad slowly to my room and stand in front of the door, dumbfounded. Um…. I finally bang my head against the door, hoping Hannah opens it on the first knock.

She does, and I am shocked to see a long silky garment draped around her. She looks absolutely beautiful. I tell her so as she shuts the door. I am about to tell her that breakfast is nearly ready, when there is a knock on the door. Hannah opens it up and there is Bookem himself. He gasps when he sees Hannah in what, apparently, was his late wife’s ‘dress’. Hannah blushes and goes into the closet. Odd.

Bookem ushers me out of the room and into the hallway, on the way to the kitchen I scent another dragon. I bound ahead of Bookem and rush into the kitchen, growling. There I see an ice dragon, a species I had only heard of. It’s scales seem almost see through, a silver blue that would rival ice’s beauty. It’s eyes look almost evil, gleaming a red orange. And there are icicle like spikes protruding from the pointed head.

Do not worry Shadowfall,” Bookem says, “This is my delivery dragon, Iceclaw. He is the only one who can survive the cold out there for long.” he turns to Iceclaw, “Iceclaw, I am going to need you to deliver some meat, whatever kind you dragons like, and some vegetables fit for your dear queen who is, in fact, who I am going to serve it to.”

What? The queen is here? The legend of the boy is true?” Iceclaw demands in a thickly accented voice. He must be from the Walson mountains.

Yes, to answer all of your questions is yes.” Bookem replies.

Iceclaw looks dumbfounded.

Yeah, she’s been in my care for about the past moon or so.” I say, wanting to impress this dragon. “I found her stranded and alone and took her in.”

Wow, you are going to be one important dragon you know that?”

Iceclaw says, giving me satisfaction.

Yes he is,” Bookem breaks in, “Especially since he was the one who brought in the Dark Lord.”

You caught the Dark Lord?” Iceclaw sounds disbelieving.

Well, me and Hannah.” Then realizing that he did not know Hannah, I added, “The queen.”

Our leader is going to be queen.” Iceclaw sounds disgusted, “A female.”

Hey have you got something against Hannah?” I demand, wondering how, before he had even met her, he could not like the sweet soul that is now my best friend.

Well, nothing personal…” Iceclaw begins.

But she is a tad young.” Bookem finishes.

Young!” Iceclaw exclaims, hushing his voice, “How young?”

I don’t know, around ten or eleven I guess.” Bookem replies.”

She is young but intelligent!” I say indignantly.

Obviously not intelligent enough, because this conversation in no longer private.” Either I am imagining things or that is a threat.

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