L’Amour Existe Encore

Love Still Exists
Today I was listening to French music, and I came upon a song called ” L’Amour Existe Encore” which means Love still Exists. It paints a beautiful picture of feeling safe, and at peace, and at home, and even though there is chaos and terrible things going on in this world, because the singer is safe in the arms of someone who loves her she is not afraid, and she knows that in this messed up world, love still exist.

We, as Christians, should feel the same way, we should feel safe and protected in God’s loving arms. Regardless of what is going on in the world around us. “Therefore we will not be afraid, thought mountains topple into the depths of the ocean.” Psalm 46:2.

One of the times Celine Dion performs it is for the victims of 9/11 (L’amour existe encore (performed for the victims of 9/11)
Which shows that we can fall back on God, that love still exist in this world even in the worst of times.

It’s really a beautiful song, and it reminds us that sometimes things get so bad, we get so tired of fighting the horrible things around us, that God is with us, and He won’t leave us behind. Sometimes we can just lean on Him and rest, before we go back to fighting for His cause He won’t let the Enemy win. God has won, as long as we stay on His side, we are safe. And to stay on His side I believe we must at least try to learn more about Him, and do more for Him.

If we don’t feel safe with Him, will we ever feel safe in this crazy, chaotic world? No! Not really.

Should we feel safe anywhere, because God is with us? Yes, we should. God is Everywhere.

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