The Holy Spirit

Today I would like to talk about the Holy Spirit, something that is very important in our faith but often gets overlooked.

Please look up and bookmark:

  1. Romans 8:6,9, 14
  2. 1 John 1:7-9, 20
  3. Galatians 5:22-23

(These verses are numbered simple to link them to the numbered sections about them.)

1. When we first gave our hearts to Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us on earth, so the Spirit is in us. It is, and the mindset of the Spirit means the mindset of Jesus, which basically means that, as Christians, we think  about things differently than people of other religions. WWJD? Have you ever asked yourself that? If you have then you know that no other religion thinks like that, it’s something we do because of our faith and in doing so we are trying to be like Jesus and think like Jesus. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is inside us and that’s what it is meant to do for sure. What we have to do is really embrace the Spirit and let it become a true part of us, therefore getting the mindset of the Spirit. (verse 6-9) And those who are led by the Spirit? They are the ones who really act the way God wants His children to act. (Verse 14)

2. If we have given our life to Jesus, then we walk in the light, and we have the Holy Spirit in us. Again, this means that we should try to behave the way Jesus would, that includes sharing the Gospel with others.( Verse 7) “And you have been anointed by the Holy One, so that you have all knowledge.” This doesn’t mean you know everything, but you do know who is the Savior of the World, and you do know that there is a God, that is more than some people! So you have to share with them, just like Jesus shared His wisdom with as many people as He possible could.

3. The fruit of the Spirit! I love the Fruit of the Spirit, and have memorized these verses. Why? Because, as Christians with the Spirit in them, we should bear the Fruit of the Spirit. Or, in other words, have the characteristics listed here. A lot of people don’t link the Fruit of the Spirit to the Holy Spirit, or really understand what it means. If you don’t understand, just ask God for wisdom, and He will give it. (James 1:5).

Dear LORD,
There is so much about You that we do not know, or do not really understand yet. Please give us a willingness to learn, and the wisdom to know what is truly right. Help us to delve into Your Holy Word with eagerness, and never stop seeking You in all the wisdom You have so graciously given us in You word. Help us to understand that we are not alone in our walk of faith, there are so many people that we can ask questions and study Your word with, help us all to understand this. I love You so much! Thank you for all You have blessed me with.

 In Jesus’ Name,


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