Walking in the Light

As Christians we are walking in the light of God, and of Jesus. This means that we have to live differently from those who walk in darkness, or else what is the point of walking in the light, if the line between the two is so blurry and faded that there is not much difference? No, as Christians we are called to live differently then the rest of the world. We were sanctified by His blood (Sanctified: set aside for sacred use.). We are set aside from the world, by God, to help the world into the light.
To do this we ourselves must know exactly what the light is, and how to use it correctly. Do we use the fact that we are saved to condemn people? NO! We use it to save people!

Please look up 1st John 1:5-10

John uses “light” to symbolize holiness, goodness, kindness, basically the fruit of the Spirit, he uses darkness to symbolize evil.

Think about it, is your life showing the signs of the Fruit of the Spirit? Are you living in a way that would honor God?
If not then maybe you need to change a few things to help you to grow in your relationship with God. And that’s OK! Nobody is perfect (‘cept Jesus).

Dear LORD,
Thank you so much for a good life. Thank you for a country where we can worship You openly. Please help us to grow in our relationship with You, I love You.

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