Please open your Bibles to 1 John chapter 2.

Verse 1 reminds us that we need to try not to sin, and that when we do sin there’s someone up there who is willing to plead our case with our Heavenly Father.

Verse 2 in my Bible is He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, then in the notes at the bottom it says the word propitiation has to do with the removal of divine wrath.  Jesus removes God’s wrath from us, if we turn to Him. Not just the Church, but the Muslims, the ones without faith,  anyone who will turn away from the hatred and mess that this world has become… and turn to Jesus. This invitation has been extended to anyone. We definitely do not have the right to pick and choose, so why do we act like we do? All the time we are hateful, and purposely hurt the feeling of the people that Jesus loves, and have been invited to join us in our amazing faith.

Verse 3-4 God has given us lot’s and lots of guidance in the book that is in my lap right now. There are so many examples of the instructions that He has given us.  When we say that we have become a Christian, we have accepted the calling to obey those instructions as closely as we possible can. I have seen so many people who go to Church and pray, and then turn into somebody else as soon as they step outside those doors. They don’t follow those commands, and it says right in verse 4 that they are liars. Does it say that that gives us a right to be hateful to them, or say mean things to or about them? No!

Verses 5-6 But whoever keeps His word, truly in him (or her!) the love of God has been perfected.  This is how we know that we are in Him; if we walk as He walked. Taking the phrase WWJD straight to heart, and thinking about it in every decision and situation. Going towards everything with courage and love and kindness, or as much of it as we can muster up anyway. We, as Christians are called to treat people the way that Jesus would treat them, and though we have not perfected that yet, we really do need to try as much as we can to do so. Oh, and another thing that Jesus was- Selfless. So, completely, utterly selfless.

Verses 7-8 This isn’t some new thing, we have always been called to have these characteristics, even before Jesus. And yet, it is kind of a new thing, simply because we have an example to follow. Jesus defeated darkness, not quite yet, but in the long run. He defeated death as well.

Verses 9-11 You cannot claim to be a Christian and then go on and on about this person you hate. If you are in the light you do whatever it takes to help your brother or sister, like them or not.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have made a wonderful book, in which is everything we’ll ever need to live as you lived. There are so many instructions, I know that I can’t stick to all of them perfectly, but I will try really hard. Please write those words on my heart, the ones about loving my brother, and please help me to seek You, with everything that I am. I love You.


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