Prayer of Praise

Dear LORD,

Thank you so much for this wonderful day! The sunset was incredible- You did a really good job! I continue to be amazed with the extreme complexity of this world and it’s surroundings, and You managed to create all of it in 6 days! It is yet another testimony to Your greatness and perfection, as I think of how when humans invent things they take time to plan it, and yet more time to build it, if you count the time for fixing unexpected problems; it could take months to finish a simple well. You created an amazing world and a system that keeps it watered and fed and even to the point where organisms have the ability to heal themselves. Something as common as rain; it could take a lifetime to even learn, and so much longer to fully understand, and yet You created it- in a day! I am fully in awe of Your wisdom, and Your creativity. So many, even those who do not believe in You are amazed at Your creation; the beauty of Your sunsets, the brilliance of Your sun, the complexity of of Your plants, the incredible functions of a single cell! I am so in awe of Your greatness, and pray that I always will be, that I will always appreciate the amazing, beautiful, everyday things in life that are such a simple thing, yet at the same time they are so incredibly complex and are a testimony of Your intelligence, Your wisdom. Grass, it gets trampled underfoot everyday, we cut it, we pull at it when we’re bored, it takes so many amazing things to put that grass there, things that could only be designed by Someone so much greater than us.  The sun, keeping us warm, bringing us day and leaving us with night over and over and over, never ceasing never pausing because You made it to be like that. You made it all. All the good things in this world, all the incredible things discovered we honor the people who discovered them, that’s all well and good, but too often we forget to honor their Creator. I love You God.


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