When you’re busy…..

Hi guys,

I know that it has been a while since I posted anything and I am sorry. You know when life gets crazy, and there is just so much that needs doing? Where yes, you want to read your Bible and you want to write devotionals and do all of this stuff, but then life happens, and there’s this all of this other stuff that needs to get done. Well, for a long time I didn’t know what that was like, I couldn’t understand how these people were so busy, or what that was like. Guess what, now I kind of understand. I’m getting older, life is getting busier, and, for the first time, I don’t always have time to do all the things I want to do. I will honestly say that prayer time and Bible study time sort of got pushed back and used instead for other things, a lot of the time simply for sleep. I would read my Bible every day, but I never really got into a deep conversation with God, or spent a good amount of time on it. I broke a habit that took a long time to build. Now I am working on starting my good prayer times again. My morning walks where I can just talk to God while watching the world wake up, I’m trying to do them no matter how much I have that needs to get done. It’s hard, it is, but starting my days with a conversation with God can only make the day better. It has benefited me in ways that I never realized before.  Taking the time to slow down, to just talk to God- and to listen, fills you with peace and joy that make your day easier. It is hard sometimes, trust me, I know. But I think all of us, from every religion, culture, and of every age could use a time of peace before our crazy lives begin every day. God can help you through every day, through every situation, if only you let Him.  So try tomorrow to start your day with some prayer. If that means getting up earlier than you normally would then so be it, it’s probably worth it. At one point in my life I was  getting up at 4:30 am on a daily basis so that I would have time to spend with God, and it helps. If you do it enough you’ll get to the point where you can’t wait to get up and have that time, as hard as that may seem to believe. I encourage you to take that time. You won’t regret it.


His Humble Servant,

Aubrey Carr

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