Praying in Focus

Good morning!!

I just thought I’d take a moment to write about different ways to pray. I know that it is hard to focus, especially when you are praying in your head. This is why I think it’s a good idea to keep a prayer journal:

  • A place to write down your thoughts.
  • Keeps you focused on God.
  • A place to copy memory verses.
  • A place to write down prayer requests so that you don’t just forget them.

If you are the creative type there are so many fun ways to do this. You can turn your prayer journal into this colorful, beautiful creation, where you can write your own songs of praise, some drawings, beautifully designed Bible verse pages, a place to write down Bible study ideas and so much more. Along with talking to God prayer journaling can be a Christ-focused activity that you look forward to every day. So on those days when you are busy, it might help you make prayer a higher priority.

Another way that really helps me to focus on God, and helps me to really have a good, heartfelt conversation with Him is to go outside, and walk around praying out loud. Just talk, say what’s on your mind. It can help you to really focus on Him, and for me I really know that He’s listening.  A lot of times I’ll just start out like “Good morning God,” and literally just say whatever has been on my mind recently. I’ll get up early and wander around watching the world wake up.

Whatever you do, prayer is so, so important. It’s a way to really connect with God, and get a personal relationship with Him. I hope you guys have a wonderful day- I’ll be praying for you!


-Aubrey Carr

One Comment on “Praying in Focus

  1. I have always thought of prayer journaling as something kind of unnecessary, and odd, but I am now reconsidering. I tried writing down my prayers today and was amazed at how much I felt like, I don’t know, that He really was interesting. I thought that God just kind of had a hands-off approach to the world but after reading a large number of your post I’m starting to think differently. Can you please answer me honestly when I ask you if God is really very present in your life? I mean, do you actually have this relationship where you feel close to Him, like, you KNOW that He’s real?

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