All people

Hi guys.

I would ask how y’all are doing, but the automatic “I’m good, how are you?” and the faux smile have no place on this website. Everyone has problems, nobody is truly fine. We have so many people with such vast, different, challenging lives that it is so hard to comprehend that every single person has the emotions and thoughts that you do. Isn’t it? It’s really easy to think of the world that centers around us, what is hard is seeing it everyone else’s way.  That person that you walked past in Walmart the other day? They have a life, a faith, a home, those little everyday dramas that you have. Every single person that has ever lived, that has ever walked on this earth has faced challenges. Some of them the successfully defeat, some of them they don’t, some of them don’t because they need help. For you school kids what about that person that nobody really knows? Who everyone recognizes, but nobody is really close to? I’m sure that they could use a friend in their lives and you could use another in yours! But we have nothing in common! You may think, well, that could be true, but the chances are extremely low. You see as human beings we all have a lot in common, it just takes some time and some digging to see it. God values all of us, and wants us all to look at each other with value. Just a smile, or a kind word can make somebody’s day, or help them when they are down. Give everyone a chance, and value every person.

Whoever is reading this, I wish you well with your life. I pray for you, and the people around you. I know you are someone, and that makes you so, so valuable. God loves you!



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