Life thoughts at 15

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t written in such a long time! Between moving and summer camp writing on my website completely slipped my mind! Considering I haven’t written since April there is so much to tell you! Moving to a new area, away from so many friends (not to mention the home that we built) was most certainly a challenge. I wish I could say that I trusted God and everything was fine, though, in the end, that is the truth. Let’s just say that through many challenges and trials, God got us to a home better than we could ever hope for. Though we have faced, and still face, a variety of new problems with this house, it is most certainly a blessing to have it. I have my own room, which is more than I had ever hoped for! My dad’s business is getting started and my mom is setting up for next year’s school. Life continues, which is more than I ever could have pictured so many months ago when I heard we were moving. How many things change in a year! Last year our plan was to stay at our old house forever, and for my dad to continue working at his old job! In February, he lost his job, in April, we decided to move. On my last birthday I thought my life would be pretty similar in the next year- how wrong I was! My life is anything but similar to my life a year ago! However, it is a good life, and I am so grateful for it.  So many of us are so blessed, and we fail to realize it.  I have a wonderful family, a great house, and a God who loves me, I have the life that so many teens these days dream of or envy, and I don’t know what to say to that. God has blessed me so much, and I am trying so hard to be truly grateful for that every single day.

For me, birthdays are a day to make resolutions for yourself, to set high goals and determine who you will be in the next year of your life. This year I have so many goals that I am not sure I will reach them all, but I will most certainly try. Starting day after tomorrow, on my actual birthday, I have so many bad habits to break, and so many good ones to start. I am also determined to get back into the habit of reading my Bible every morning and every night. Knowing God’s word is essential to knowing God, after all. So many Christians are trying so hard to develop their relationship with God without developing their knowledge of scripture. And, though it is possible, it is the longer, harder road. On that thought I will leave you, for I have other things to do. Remember that God will always love you. He will never, ever forsake you.



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