Sneak Peak: My Question Marked Life

Prologue Has your life ever been full of question marks? Such as “What is my next meal going to be?” “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” “Where am I going to live?” or “Why is this happening to me?”? Lillian Brown is a…

Sneak Peak: Warrior of the Forest

Prologue “Adrienne.” The name was spoken with hatred, “She was the reason the fairies starved. For a whole winter we scavenged food in the forest like we were wild animals. I insist that she is not allowed back into the Fairy Realm.” One speaker…

Heaven’s Tears

<><><>Heaven’s tears<><><> Snowflakes fall on black umbrellas. Grey stones dot the field. Tears fall frozen to the ground, Relief my heart won’t yield. I look upon the cheerful white of snowflakes falling merry, Dancing down from the sky as if they have no worry….

Yesterday’s Horses

Yesterday’s horses were wild and free, Today’s horses are coming to me, Tomorrow’s horses’ll be tired and old, But my imaginary horse will always roam through the wonders untold.

Bubble Gum* A story idea.

Chapter One<><><><><><><> I hitch my backpack up on my shoulders looking in… what? Sheer terror?… at the school in front of me. It’s not like it was a haunted house or something. It was a plain, brown, one-story brick building. Yet I dread going inside….