Stormy Weather

Dear Reader,

Sometimes our lives are hectic.  Crazy things happen that we cannot predict, and sometimes these things wreak chaos on our lives.  Our lives then seem like a constant battle against one thing or another. Everyone reacts to this differently, some panic, and are constantly worrying about what could happen, some resort to anger, and lash out at everyone because they are afraid. Then there are those who are completely calm in the face of chaos. Trusting God to take care of us. One time me and my best friend were talking and she said something that has stuck with me for a very long time, “God will never give you more than you can handle. Even if He does, He is always there to lean on,  and to help.” This statement is so true,  even if God were to give you more than you can handle, he is there to help, and to take away your burdens.  So whenever you are facing stormy weather, remember: God is there. With his help you can face anything. Brave any storm. He is your salvation, and your Best friend, and someone to lean on whenever you feel like you just can’t go on.  I encourage you to write down the quote above on a note card, and tape it to your bathroom mirror.  Thank you for reading this!


-Aubrienna Bernice Carr

Definition: Love

Ok, let’s clear from our minds the kissing and holding hands and doe eyes. Done? Let’s replace it with a picture of one of those special moments with your best friends when you are overwhelmed with love for them and everything about them. Or a moment with one of your sibling when you just can’t help but to love them to pieces, one of the moments you won’t quite remember but will never forget. When your little sister comes out of the bathroom wearing your new makeup kit all over her face, Or when your little brother bakes his first cake and it doesn’t come out just like the picture. You are just overcome with this combination of unfiltered joy and compassion beyond your wildest dreams. This my friends is the emotion called love. It cannot be compared accurately to anything else in the world, it can only be held in the light so that it may be clearly defined. So many people have the wrong idea about love. It is not something that can be turned off or ignored. And love is NOT a crush you have on that cute boy at school. The culture we live in has made it awkward for us to tell a member of the opposite gender that we love them without simple misinterpretation. And that is sad. Say you are a 15 year old girl and you have been a really good friend to a 15 year old boy, you have one of those moment and it has become awkward to say, “I Love You.” If you do say it things can get messy fast, it might even damage your friendship. Why have things become this way? Why can’t say what we’re thinking, we can’t say what we’re feeling, we feel awkward even thinking the words “I Love You” about the opposite gender. And that is because of the misinterpretation of the word Love.

This is Aubrienna Bernice Carr Over, and Out.

The Little Children

Dear readers,

Have you ever read the verse in the Bible where Jesus, son of God let the children sit on his lap? Well in that verse Jesus tells His disciples, that until they are like one of those children they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What can this possibly mean? That Jesus wants us to become as ignorant as a child? Of course not! I think it means that we are supposed to become as humble as a small child. After all, a small child feels no shame in asking somebody bigger than them to help them reach something on the top shelf. A small child feels no shame in the fact that he knows he can’t do everything, he knows he’s going to need help with somethings, and this is how Jesus wants us to feel with Him, and with God. When we mess up we know we need help to fix it. We may not admit it but deep down we know. Some loads are just to big for us to carry by ourselves and the only one who can help us with that is our Father in Heaven. I’m not saying that we need to ask for help in everything we do, but try to let go of your pride and ask for help when you need it. Because you will at some point. And the more you practice asking for it the easier it will become for us to wash clean of our sins when it is time. So today, when you need help with something, just ask for it. In the long wrong you will thank yourself.


-Aubrienna Bernice Carr

When all seems lost…

Dear Readers,

Have you ever felt like everything has gone wrong, and it couldn’t get any worse than it already has? Well don’t worry, I am pretty sure that every human being on this planet that has ever lived or ever will has or will have felt like that at some point. We all feel deserted or lost, or even hopeless at some point. It’s part of being human. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to all of us. The thing is, is that God is ALWAYS there. even when we feel more empty and alone then ever before, God is with us, giving us a giant hug and telling us that’s it’s going to be all right. When you feel like all hope is gone, and all is lost, what do you do? I encourage you to share with me, and others in the comments.

“When all seems lost and all seems for naught, just look to the sky above.” When I’m upset I like to go outside and be by myself. We live 11 miles from the nearest town, so at night you can see the stars as clear as if they were out your back door. You can see the milky way weaving it’s way through the sky. You can see the infinite majesty of our Father’s Creation. I will look up with tears in my eyes asking God why He has brought whatever it is that had happened upon us, and then, looking at those stars, looking up into that infinite sky, and suddenly, my problem doesn’t seem as bad as it did before. I feel as if God’s reaching down and embracing me in His warmth. So when you get upset, or even mad. Just go outside, and look up, and ask God to borrow some of His infinite patience. And I’m sure that He will help you out in one way or another.

Sincerely                                                                                                           -Aubrienna Bernice Carr

Questions and Answers: a philosophical post

Dear Reader,

How many times has a question popped up in your head and you either didn’t know the answer and ignored it, or avoided the answer because you didn’t really want to think about it? The society we live in today tells us to shove those questions back down are throat, because they have no business being out in the world to be considered, this is wrong in so many ways! Not only are these questions very important, but the discoveries you make when digging for the truth are priceless. I don’t know how many times a random idea popped up in my head and i just ignored it. Why? Because, we have been taught by the world around us that normal (air quotes here because nothing is normal) is good, and new ideas not brought to you by the industries around the world is bad. Take a moment to think on this. Somebody had the idea for that amazing new gadget you see advertized on TV. Any one of those random ideas could be amazing! I was doing my Bible study the other day and I told myself, the next idea I have, big or small, I will try. Okay, craziest thing. I was running out of paper in my mini notebook to take my notes, plus it was a pain in the neck to hold the Bible the note book, the pen, the highlighters and the study book all at the same time, so I was like, “Why not take a giant poster-board, tape it to my wall, and take my notes on that? One of the best things I ever did to improve my Bible study. I was studying questions and answers, which gives you questions and you must think up answers, such as “What would your ideal life be?” Or some that require a bit more studying: “Do you believe in absolute truth?” So, I would be writing down the questions in my smallest handwriting on this ginormous poster-board, and I would then have to answer these questions, in my own words. I filled up the whole poster in less than 24 hours. Question after question would pop up in my head, and answer by answer I made my way down the page. With each answered question came a sense of relief, and fulfillment. I found myself at the bottom of the page and was overcome with a huge sense of pride and relief and accomplishment. I haven’t stopped since. I never run out of questions to ask and the answers are always somewhere nearby if you just… look. Everyone of us has these ideas every single day, and yet, how many of them are actually tried? It doesn’t have to be a major breakthrough! Just those tiny, so-called unimportant thoughts that flutter in and out of our minds like butterflies can be of the utmost importance. Ideas like taking an oversized piece of paper, taping it to your wall over all your drawings and quotes, can do you more good than all the “breakthrough” ideas of others, after all, everyone has to start somewhere. So I challenge you to not let any of those Could-Be-breakthrough ideas go untried. Now I’m not saying to go jump off a building because you think you can fly, ideas must be weeded through before put into action. So go about your day and catch those butterfly thoughts, weed though them, pick the most beautiful one, and shine your light unto the world.



Aubrienna Bernice Carr


P.S. I had an ^ Idea for a really cool pen name.

Alisha the Slave Girl

Once upon a time, in a land far away, their was a young servant girl named Alisha. Alisha was hardly content with being a slave to another, she felt that everyone had the right to be theirs, and their own, no person should be owned by another. On the day of her 13th birthday she was sold to a new master, she felt rejected, for her old master had been a kind man, and she felt that the compassion she had shown him had been in vain. Her new master, a cruel young boy only a few years older than Alisha herself,  believed that those who were born lowly ought to stay that way, or else the world would be thrown out of orbit. His bad temper flared whenever he was around his fiercely independent slave, making him brutal to the point that she could hardly bear it. She had tried, oh so many times to escape his wrath, even resorting to being humble in front of him, but this only infuriated the man so that he ordered the girl to be beaten severely, after the first week of this unfairness, Alisha came to one of the cooks, to whom she’d grown close, and asked her if she would complete her chores for her, so that she could run away and be long gone before her master realized she was missing.

“Oh, but Alisha, Master Charles is not that bad once you get to know him!” The cook, Emily, said half-heartedly.

“I don’t wan to get to know him! He is horrible!” Alisha protested.

“If that is your decision then I suppose I can’t stop you, but I cannot risk my own position for your sake, I’m sorry.”

“I see, well thank you anyways.”

Emily turned away, Alisha took that as a signal and walked out the back door, looking to each side she hoisted herself up over the wall, and ran.

Several carts and wagons came to a screeching halt as she flew across the street, and into an ally on the other side. Taking many back-roads and allies, she made it to the outskirts of town, where she stopped and sat down, panting. The adrenaline that had pumped through her veins in the run was fading, and she took the time to look around; there was a baker selling his bread from a small cart, two young boys were playing a game of tag in the street and the mothers sat on the ground in front of the house, visiting.

Alisha picked herself up and wandered over to the baker, “Hello, How much are you rolls?”  She asked, picking one up and hiding it it the folds of her skirt as the baker turned around.

“Normally, six shillings, but for a beautiful girl such as yourself, four shillings.” The pudgy baker replied with a not at all charming smile.

“Oh! That is very kind of you, but you see, I only have one shilling, so good day to you.” She turned and walked briskly away, leaving a puzzled baker man.

All of the sudden Alisha heard her name being yelled from somewhere in the distance, it sounded like her old master!

Emily must have told! That, that fool! Now my chances of hiding are little above zero! Alisha thought. She ran up to one of the mothers,

“Excuse me, mam? There is a boisterous young man looking for my hand in marriage, he is a very important slave and will be nicely dressed, may I hide in your home please?”

“Of course young lady,” She said, sounding amused, “But can’t you just say no?”

“Er, he won’t listen to me, he thinks I’m playing.” With that she ran into the house and ducked behind the sofa,

just as she heard her name being called in the street.


Music Can, and music can’t

Music can open up windows to a persons heart that were never opened before.

Music can’t make a person happy when to them it feels like the end of the world.

Music can draw people together.

Music can’t make laughter last forever.

Of all things musics can do one stands above all other.

Music can change a person, give them confidence and boost them up to something they never were before.

That’s what music can do.

So be sure and don’t deprive your soul from the music it very much needs.


The song inserted into this post is called rustic gathering, it can  be found on

A time for change, Chapter One

Sarah Simmons walked down the sidewalk leading to her 1950’s home. She lived in one of the oldest neighborhoods in town, but she didn’t mind. She liked the old feeling of the house; the shallow walls, the crystal doorknobs that fell out of the door if you weren’t careful, the creaky wooden floors…. like I said, she liked the old home. And she loved the feel of the neighborhood, how each neighbor was family, and life ran like clockwork. The kids on one side of the street were playmates of those on the other, her best friend lived just down the road.  One of the neighbors, one-door down, was sitting on the porch as Sarah walked by.

“Why Hello Sarah dear. How has your day been?” Called old miss Ravensbird from her favorite wicker chair. Miss Ravensbird was a bit odd around Sarah, she always treated her as if Sarah was her grandmother.


“It went fine, thank you for asking Miss Ravensbird.” Sarah said, hurrying along.  Miss Ravensbird wasn’t an unpleasant person to be around, not at all. But you would not be very eager to be around a 98 year old lady who acts as if you are her elder.

Sarah ran up her sidewalk and opened the door, then something very odd happened.  A wind hit, a wind so strong it could have been a tornado.  Sarah shut her eyes to keep the dust out,  and, as soon as it had started the wind was over. She blinked open her eyes, and was shocked to find herself in a field.  All around her there was nothing in sight, no building, no road, nothing. Just grass, and a few stunted trees. What is going on? Sarah thought.  She looked down at her dress- wait, a dress? She had been wearing fresh pressed jeans only seconds ago?  She picked up her dress and picked her way through the pasture. After about an hour of wandering through what seemed like endless grass and weeds, she came upon a small town. The town was bustling with activity, as though everyone was getting ready for a big event, yet everyone paused for a moment when she came into view.

“Hello?” She spoke rather tentatively.  As soon as she had spoken the words everyone started about their business again. Everyone, that is, except a young girl, who looked up at me in surprise.

“Lily?” She asked, “Where’d you get that fancy dress?”

“Who’s Lily?”

“You. My big sister.”



(This is the 1st chapter in a website exclusive series.)

A Snowy Evening

A Snowy evening is all but Heaven,

When with family in a cozy haven,

A rainy morning is not at all dreary,

When it’s bright inside and very merry.

A cold Dark night cannot be filled with misery,

When you decorating cookies with frosting drizzley.